We would love to hear how you received a random act of kindness please comment  below. Thank you!

Thank you for visiting this page, we are trying to get this widespread, and if you have received a card or have had a Random act of kindness done to you, please would you comment below on what happened and did you do an act of kindness in return to someone else


  • Delia says:

    A little late but still heart felt… when you are moved to tears by a strangers kindness ❤️❤️❤️

    It’s a pretty rough time for everyone at the moment, especially with rising costs for shopping, energy bills, petrol etc. Some will struggle more than others, but everyone’s struggles are real. If you can help someone, even by the smallest gesture, you could make to biggest difference to someone’s day.

    One crazy morning while rushing to get my teenager to school (which is problematic at the moment itself ?), running late, with a mountain of tasks planned for the day I realise I have no petrol. So 8.30am, probably one of the worse times to get petrol in a rush, I pull in, queue up and fill up.

    Then to my horror there was a problem with my bank card so I went to the car to get another. On my return a gentlemen told me not to worry as he’d paid my petrol bill! At first I thought it was a prank waiting for some YouTuber or TikToker to jump out at me… all I could reply was ‘pardon me?’ ‘Is this a joke?’ The gentlemen just smiled and spoke about this amazing website he’d made at the beginning of lockdown…. about being kind and paying it forward ?

    Since this day I’ve paid to forward to three strangers and I will continue to do so, in the hope they pay it forward too. Everyone needs a little support every now and then, so in a world where we can be anything, BE KIND ❤️

  • Dominic Ricciardi says:

    Thank you for your lovely message, it was a pleasure to help you. it would be nice if you can spread the word on this site also as I am trying to get as many comments as possible.

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